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HELICONIAS – Large and medium claws

  • Kawauchi
    Large deep red flowers with a narrow golden-yellow line along the lip. Most of the bracts have a green tip, while the lowest bract has a green edge.

  • Jacquinii
    Bracts are predominately yellow with a red border.

  • Hot Rio Night
    Beautiful solid red flower.

  • Caribaea Cream
    Gold over base of bracts with shades of yellow and cream.

  • Caribaea Red
    Dark red bracts similar to Barbados flat. Long vase life.

  • Rosey
    Medium size claw with light salmon pink bracts . Late summer – Autumn flower.

  • Eden Pink
    Medium size claws with beautiful salmon pink bracts. Late summer – Autumn flower.

HELICONIAS – Psittacorums

  • Halloween
    The flowers are golden yellow, sometimes with a faint orangey-red tinge along the sides of the bracts. Larger than a psittacorum and sold as 3 stem bunches.

  • Tropifleur
    Bracts are golden yellow to reddish orange tips. Good arrangement flower or great as a bunch on their own. Sold as 3 stem bunches.

  • Red Torch Adrian
    The flowers have yellow bracts with a maroon or dark red base, often with red spots and blotches towards the tips. Sold as 3 stem bunches.

  • Sassy
    This is a very popular psittacorum. Flower has a green base running into very bright dark pink on the top half of the bracts with contrasting orange. Sold as 5 stem bunches.

  • Peaches & Cream
    Beautiful pale pink & cream bracts. Sold as 5 stem bunches.

  • Daintree
    Attractive vivid orange flower. Sold as 5 stem bunches.


  • Red Torch

  • Thai White Torch

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  • Cordyline leaves